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This is where we come into our own. We tailor our core services to your business using progressive, industry-leading accountancy software. Our specialties include VAT and audits to bookkeeping and payroll, so we work with you to make informed financial decisions.

Accounts (CORE)

We use the latest accountancy software and apps to ensure annual accounts and annual management accounts are produced accurately and on time, so your business can make the best decisions.

All timescales and fees are agreed in advance.

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Audit (CORE)

Our experienced audit and assurance team covers all sectors including manufacturing, professional services, retail, distribution, property and charities.

Fixed fees are agreed in advance.

Grenfell James Audit LLP is registered to carry out audit work in the UK & Ireland by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.

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Bookkeeping (CORE)

We manage your bookkeeping needs so you can focus on running your business. Through our apps and a leading accountancy software provider, Xero, we tailor our service to you.

Fixed fees are agreed upon in advance.

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Payroll (CORE)

Running your own payroll takes time out of your business and mistakes can sometimes lead to penalties. Our efficient and reliable payroll service and apps offer a hassle-free alternative.

Read our Pensions auto-enrolment fact sheet to find out more.

Fixed fees are agreed upon in advance.

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From preparing your VAT returns to sharing VAT advice, our experts aim to give you peace of mind.
Fixed fees are agreed upon in advance.

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Company secretary

We can manage the statutory duties of company directors and LLP partners, including updates to company records or LLP, making sure all Companies House filing needs are met and acting as a registered office.

Fixed fees are agreed upon in advance.

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Tax plays a big role in the day to day running of a business. Our dedicated tax specialists are on hand to support you where needed, with corporation tax to VAT advice. We will keep you up to date with all the latest tax changes, providing easy-to-follow solutions.

Corporation tax (Tax)

From compliance to tax planning, our knowledgeable team offers clear advice so you can meet tax deadlines and protect your company finances.

Read our Extracting company profits fact sheet to find out more.

Fixed fees are agreed upon in advance.

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Personal tax (Tax)

Our dedicated tax team delivers tailored advice to individuals and their families, with simple solutions designed to avoid tax liabilities.

Read our Personal tax fact sheet to find out more.

Capital gains (Tax)

Planning ahead with Capital gains can help minimise your liabilities. We can advise on the best solutions to manage your assets.

Read our Capital gains tax fact sheet to find out more.

Inheritance tax (Tax)

Our expert tax planners can advise you on how to reduce the impact of potential inheritance tax liabilities.

Read our Inheritance tax fact sheet to find out more.

Restructuring (Tax)

Whether you are restructuring as a group or acquiring a new business, our experienced client managers are on hand to take care of your accountancy and taxation needs.

VAT advice (Tax)

Read our VAT special schemes fact sheet to find out more.

Seed Enterprise Investment scheme

EIS and SEIS is a new tax efficient venture capital scheme that promotes raising equity finance in small startups. Up to 50% tax relief may be available to those investing in such companies.

Our team is able to offer up-to-date advice on available schemes.

Research and development claims

Research and development tax credits for small and medium enterprises were introduced to support business innovation in the UK. We can advise how your company can make the most of these opportunities.

Read our Research and Development fact sheet

Enterprise Management Incentive schemes

EMI schemes reward employees with tax efficient share options.

Our team has an in-depth understanding of the schemes on offer, so can agree accurate valuations with HMRC, liaise with them on your options and reporting. We can also execute the relevant paperwork.

Trust planning (Tax)

Our experts have a detailed knowledge of tax planning opportunities available through the use of trusts. We can advise on setting up new trusts and help manage your legal documents.

As tax specialists, we will also provide all the tools needed by beneficiaries and trustees.

Management accounts

Our experts offer complete management accounts support, including performance reviews, forecasting and raising finance. We can act as an outsourced finance director too. Whatever it takes to keep your business moving in the right direction.

Monthly Performance Report – Demo Company (UK) (Nov 2023)

Management accounts

Management accounts are an essential tool for growing a company. We have vast experience in tailoring management account packs to your business needs.

Fixed fees are agreed upon in advance.

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In addition, we can manage performance reviews, from budgeting to forecasting, to provide valuable business insights. Our experienced managers will review your Key Performance Indicators and help you achieve profitable results.

Outsourced finance director

We can act as an ‘outsourced finance director’ for your business, attending board meetings, providing expert advice, new ideas, liaising with intermediaries and much more. Our role can be tailored to suit your business needs.

Fixed fees are agreed upon in advance.

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We can help raise finance for you or your business, either through our in-house mortgage broker, your bank or a financial institution recommended by us.

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Effective wealth management keeps businesses ticking like clockwork. If you are looking to secure the future of your company, are in the process of exit planning or drawing up new business plans, we have the tools to flexibly support your goals.

Wealth protection

We offer custom-fit wealth protection services to best suit your needs. Our team will help you protect your company, plan for succession and ensure the efficient running of the business in the event of a disruption.

Exit Planning

Whether you plan to exit via a share sale, selling goodwill or assets, a management buy-out, family continuity or just winding down the business, forward planning will ensure a smoother transition and maximise your returns. We advise on and implement the most effective exit strategies to make exit planning easier for everyone involved.

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Business Plans

Business plans are an essential tool for growth, especially when arranging finance, leasing new premises or attracting investors. Our knowledge can help you prepare a precise business plan with up-to-date financials.

Fixed fees are agreed upon in advance.

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Business Valuations

Our expert team can provide a realistic valuation to reflect your business’ circumstances.

App Consultancy

Our tailored app consultancy is designed to optimise your business through progressive solutions. After moving you from paper-based records to a cloud-based platform, we offer bespoke training, implementation and ongoing maintenance support so you experience all the benefits.

Adoption services

Finance function reviews

We review your existing finance function and scope potential areas for improvement, so your business can perform at its best.

Cloud migration services

To start with, our team helps transition your business from paper-based records to cloud-based platforms such as Xero, a leading accountancy software provider.

Cloud migration training

We offer bespoke training to ensure you have all the tools needed to migrate seamlessly to a cloud-based platform.


Digital Health checks

Once your cloud system is up and running, we perform checks to resolve potential issues.

App research and recommendations

Our experts perform in-depth research and make tailored recommendations to help your business utilise the platform.

App implementation and integrations

We oversee the implementation cycle, add integrations to streamline your application and work with you to develop ongoing timelines.

App training

We also provide training to share our knowledge and bring you up to speed.


Software support

Our team will be on hand to share advice and support – keeping your business running smoothly.

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Grenfell James Technology Adoption Index

How does your business perform against others adopting financial tech? Find out with our interactive diagnostic:


How does your business receive invoices?


Invoices are mainly received in paper form


Invoices are mainly received by email


Invoices are emailed then automatically forwarded to a designated mailbox


How are purchase invoices processed?


Invoices are entered manually


Invoices are attached to manually raised invoices


Automated software (e.g. ReceiptBank, 1Tap, HubDoc etc) collates invoices


How are accounts processed?


Using Excel/paper-based


Using Computer-based, offline software


Using cloud-based accountancy software


How often is business data revised?


Data is updated annually


Data is updated quarterly


Data is updated monthly or more often


How is banking updated for your business?


Banking is updated manually


Banking is updated by imports


Banking is updated via a live feed


How are bank payments made?


Bank payments are manual


Bank payments are made using bulk imports


Bank payments are made directly via accounting software


How are bank receipts reconciled?


Receipts are chased and reconciled manually


Receipts are chased and reconciled automatically


A third-party platform is used to chase debts and collect fees


How often are management reports produced?


No reports are provided


Reports are provided but often too late to be valuable


Reports are automated with real-time information

Score 8-12:

Curious Exploration

Your financial technology phase is Curious Exploration

% of respondent businesses are in this phase too.

Switching accountancy systems may seem like an upheaval, but can be much more straightforward than most businesses imagine. From talking to our clients, they have found moving from paper invoicing and desktop-based accounting software to the cloud and apps quickly makes the transition process a worthwhile investment of time. Digital accounting solutions bring in streamlined processes, up-to-date business data and greater confidence in the accuracy of information when making financial decisions.

Grenfell James works with your team to fully assess the needs of your business and minimise the impact of any transitions for solutions we recommend.

Find out more about App Advisory


Score 13-19:

Measured Discovery

Your financial technology phase is Measured Discovery

% of respondent businesses are in this phase too.

Once cloud accountancy software is in place, there’s still plenty of scope to improve your accountancy processes and make sure your business is maximising the benefits of adopting a digital accounting solution. Grenfell James assesses each business to understand how any implemented solutions are being used, identify areas for improvement and the needs of the business overall to support your business goals and achieve success.

Our team of experts can discuss a range of time-saving automation and get different apps and cloud-based solutions talking to create and manage a digital accountancy eco-system to help your business grow.

Find out more about App Advisory


Score 20-24:

Bold Innovation

Your financial technology phase is Bold Innovation

% of respondent businesses are in this phase too.

You know the benefits of accounting technology and the impact it can have on your business goals. If you want to take it a step further, our team can conduct a systematic review of your processes, apps and business goals to ensure your digital accountancy ecosystem is keeping pace with the changing needs of a growing business.