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Estate Planning: A Top Priority for Business Owners


Estate planning for your business success

As a business owner, you wear many hats and juggle countless responsibilities. Amidst the daily business demands, it’s easy to put estate planning on the back burner. However, neglecting this critical aspect can have far-reaching consequences for your business and your loved ones. Join us as we examine the importance of estate planning for business owners and explore why it should never be postponed.

What is estate planning, and why does it matter for business owners?

Estate planning involves distributing assets, addressing tax implications, and safeguarding loved ones’ financial futures. For business owners, this goes beyond personal considerations, preserving the continuity and success of your business beyond your involvement.

What happens if business owners delay estate planning?

Delaying the process can lead to uncertainty and potential disputes in the future. Without a clear plan, your business may face legal challenges, leaving your loved ones with unnecessary stress and financial burdens. Taking proactive steps now can ensure a smooth transition and avoid unintended consequences.

How can planning for your succession benefit the business?

Planning for your succession offers numerous benefits for your business. These benefits may include seamless operation in your absence, protecting assets from potential creditors, and minimising tax liabilities. A well-crafted estate plan can secure your family’s financial well-being and provide for their future needs.

What steps should business owners take to protect their legacy?

Start by taking inventory of assets, including the business, and identifying key individuals for its future. Consult with experienced professionals, like GJ Estate Planning, to tailor your business plan and help make a will.

New research has found that 54% of UK adults don’t have a will, and 5.4m people have no idea how to make one.

– Source: Which.co.uk

Why should business owners act sooner than later?

Time is of the essence in estate planning. Unexpected events can happen, and procrastination may lead to missed opportunities to protect your business and your loved ones. Moreover, acting sooner rather gives you peace of mind. You can secure your legacy and protect what matters most by taking action promptly.

You have dedicated your time and energy to building a successful enterprise as a business owner. Don’t let planning your business legacy take a backseat. It is crucial to preserve your business legacy and protect your family’s financial future.

GJ Estate Planning empowers business owners to create a robust and comprehensive estate plan. Take the first step by calling us at 01789 294 484 to discuss your business’s unique needs. Let’s secure your business legacy and ensure a prosperous future for your loved ones.

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How does your business receive invoices?


Invoices are mainly received in paper form


Invoices are mainly received by email


Invoices are emailed then automatically forwarded to a designated mailbox


How are purchase invoices processed?


Invoices are entered manually


Invoices are attached to manually raised invoices


Automated software (e.g. ReceiptBank, 1Tap, HubDoc etc) collates invoices


How are accounts processed?


Using Excel/paper-based


Using Computer-based, offline software


Using cloud-based accountancy software


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How is banking updated for your business?


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Banking is updated via a live feed


How are bank payments made?


Bank payments are manual


Bank payments are made using bulk imports


Bank payments are made directly via accounting software


How are bank receipts reconciled?


Receipts are chased and reconciled manually


Receipts are chased and reconciled automatically


A third-party platform is used to chase debts and collect fees


How often are management reports produced?


No reports are provided


Reports are provided but often too late to be valuable


Reports are automated with real-time information

Score 8-12:

Curious Exploration

Your financial technology phase is Curious Exploration

% of respondent businesses are in this phase too.

Switching accountancy systems may seem like an upheaval, but can be much more straightforward than most businesses imagine. From talking to our clients, they have found moving from paper invoicing and desktop-based accounting software to the cloud and apps quickly makes the transition process a worthwhile investment of time. Digital accounting solutions bring in streamlined processes, up-to-date business data and greater confidence in the accuracy of information when making financial decisions.

Grenfell James works with your team to fully assess the needs of your business and minimise the impact of any transitions for solutions we recommend.

Find out more about App Advisory


Score 13-19:

Measured Discovery

Your financial technology phase is Measured Discovery

% of respondent businesses are in this phase too.

Once cloud accountancy software is in place, there’s still plenty of scope to improve your accountancy processes and make sure your business is maximising the benefits of adopting a digital accounting solution. Grenfell James assesses each business to understand how any implemented solutions are being used, identify areas for improvement and the needs of the business overall to support your business goals and achieve success.

Our team of experts can discuss a range of time-saving automation and get different apps and cloud-based solutions talking to create and manage a digital accountancy eco-system to help your business grow.

Find out more about App Advisory


Score 20-24:

Bold Innovation

Your financial technology phase is Bold Innovation

% of respondent businesses are in this phase too.

You know the benefits of accounting technology and the impact it can have on your business goals. If you want to take it a step further, our team can conduct a systematic review of your processes, apps and business goals to ensure your digital accountancy ecosystem is keeping pace with the changing needs of a growing business.