Do you want to see how your business looks in the future?!

Here at GJA we have been rolling out our forecasting and business planning with powerful new software, which has transformed our clients businesses.

Real-time information is pulled automatically from Xero or QuickBooks Online. You can have up to date information now, and use this to create powerful forecasts and budgeting.

Unlimited 3-way forecasting up to 10 years in the future shows you what lies ahead for your business. Get full control of your business by monitoring cashflow daily, weekly or monthly, and use your projections to move forward confidently.

Live dashboards for live businesses

Historical reporting doesn’t help you move forward. They are out of date before you’ve even had time to discuss them. Make better, faster decisions based on up to date information.

Beautiful Reporting

Our clients see a real time board containing a wealth of information about their business. The majority of spreadsheet errors are from human input (and could have been avoided). They take time to maintain and, as companies grow, sharing that data becomes difficult. That’s why this software pulls in data automatically.
Beautiful. Clear. Insightful.

Want to know more?

Here at Grenfell James we have been using this award winning software to collaborate with our clients and their businesses. When do you want to find out how we can help your business and transform your reporting? Its simple, Call David on 01789 294484 or email

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